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Get ready to kickstart your wellness life now with HonestSlim, where it honestly removes unnecessary baggage in your body.


It is made of 100% pure, natural, and organic high quality weight loss products.
HonestSlim tea provides unique blends that will surely make you crave for more.


Our Products

14 day Trial Package

14 Day Trial Package


Regular Price $29.99

15% Off


28 Day Detox Tea Package

28 Day Detox Tea Package


Regular Price $73.32

25% Off


2 Month Detox Tea Package

2 Month Detox Tea Package

with Free Strawberry tea strainer

Regular Price $163.29

40% Off


It’s easy- learn how to get started in 2 easy quick steps!

Our Experts selected the most highly 2 step performance pure natural & organic ingredients designed to enhance energy so you can FEEL SO GOOD throughout the day and naturally soothes digestion.

Morning Boost
Evening boost


It’s Simple

Morning: 1 cup of morning boost tea.
Evening: 1 cup of evening cleanse tea.

Safe & Effective

Gluten Free
No Additives
No Chemicals
Scientifically formulated

No Dieting

Eat right and stay healthy.

It Gets Results

Results within 14 days.(It may vary person to person)
See it for yourself.

Natural & Organic Ingredients

Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that provides health benefits.

No Mandatory Gym

Just a positive outlook in life and a healthy lifestyle.
Why Honestslim


Before and After

At first I was hesitant to buy the product because the price is low compared to other slimming tea but it’s worth it. I tried the 14 Days Detox Tea and happy with the result. I am very excited to buy the 2 months Detox Tea. #Honestslim #DetoxTea #Honestslimtrims

– Gillian (Chinese Teacher)

Before and After

Just finished the 28 Day Detox tea program and amaze with the result. I lost 4kgs and I ate healthy foods now. What I can say is cheaper, safe and effective.

– Maricel (Hosting Specialist)

28D supply




Aiming to Lose Weight Naturally? Say Goodbye to Products with Side-Effects

Unhappy about how things are prospering around you but not for you? Your obesity issues killing your vibes and preventing you from enjoying to your fullest? If yes, here's the right opportunity for you to pay attention to your 'diet' and go on a structured-regime, which involves eating right and cleansing your body internally with the help of your choice of organic weight loss detox tea.

Organic teas, though prescribed by doctors and dieticians since a long time, have had limited effect on individuals and their approaches in the past. This is because nobody really understood the purpose of purchasing slimming teas and absorbing the same along with their everyday diet.

Now with technological advancements, better products have hit the markets giving people the right combination of organic ingredients, naturally occurring substances, and knowledge that's vital alongside to use everything in the right spirit.

Slimming Teas for Middle-Aged People

Going beyond the 30s and 40s, taking care of household chores and your children, all of that can take a toll on your health, increasing the blood-pressure levels, cholesterol levels, and with that the accumulation of bad fat in the body. Toning yourself down becomes necessary in one such situation, thus the option of cleansing yourself with the combination of best slimming tea online along with -:

1. One hour of jogging in the morning

2. Oil-free food with more fruits and roughage

3. Balanced diet with hefty exercise and 8 hours of sleep

Loosening of excess fats in your body is a trait that works well when you have the right mix of ingredients doing the job intrinsically. Slimming teas affects the body's metabolism rate, giving you the opportunity to snack in short intervals but snack something that's helping to tone down your body. Intake the right compounds (like polyphenols) and help your body reduce the stress on your arteries, muscles, and focus on enriching the digestive system, enzymes, and blood-cells alongside. Purchase 'natural' and 'organic' slimming teas - today!

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