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No Laxative Effect

14 Day Trial Package

14 Day Trial Package

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28 Day Detox Tea

28 Day Detox Tea Package

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2 Month Detox Tea

2 Month Detox Tea Package

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No Laxative Effect

14 Days Detox Tea (Morning) - without Senna leaf

14 Day Detox Tea (Morning Boost)


14 Days Detox Tea Evening Cleanse - without Senna Leaf

14 Day Detox Tea (Evening Cleanse)


Strawberry Tea Strainer

Strawberry Tea Strainer


28 Day Detox Tea (Morning) - without Senna Leaf

28 Day Detox Tea (Morning Boost)


1 Month Detox Tea (Evening) - without Senna Leaf

28 Day Month Detox Tea(Evening Cleanse)


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T- Sac Tea Filter Bags Size 1- Box Of 100

T- Sac Tea Filter Bags

Size 1- Box Of 100


T- Sac Tea Filter Bags Size 2 - Box Of 100

T- Sac Tea Filter Bags

Size 2- Box Of 100


Not All Detox Teas are the Same - Here's All You Should Be Knowing About Detox Teas

With so much variety up for grabs across various marketplaces - there's always a confusion about what you are consuming and what's the reality behind a product. Most teas, whether detox teas or otherwise contain caffeine, which can cause side-effects, laxative effects, and other effects. Everything that's consumed to make a distinct and sudden change will give some sort of side-effects in return; similar is the case with teas, which people consume to lose body weight.

While many advertise the use of laxative effect detox teas, medical professionals believe those types are specially reserved for people with conditions and the requirement to eliminate water and waste from their bodies. Consuming detox teas with laxative effects can be harmful in the long-run, hence the alternative - the no laxative effect detox tea - recommended for longer durations when you don't feel nauseated, constipated or ill.

The only difference between laxative effect teas and their counterparts is the addition of laxatives in the former type, such as Senna, a substance required to force out waste.

You should be drinking no laxative effect detox tea when -:

1. You are in an inflammatory state and need some detox to reduce the blood-pressure and cholesterol levels. Ideal tea - Hibiscus

2. When you need your bowel motion to be uniform and timely. Further, to help blood hormones do their job properly. Ideal tea - Lemon Balm

3. Digestion of body and proper fat accumulation. Ideal tea - Cinnamon

4. Require a metabolism boost that can play role in effective weight loss. Ideal tea - Matcha

5. Production of short-chain fatty acids which boost metabolism. Ideal tea - Black tea Remember, laxative effect detox teas should be consumed for short-periods only. Use the various no laxative effect tea products and stay in good health, always.

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